Harold Schweizer

Poet and Explorer


The Genealogy of Elevators: A Fable (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018).

Miriam’s Book: A Poem (Fomite Press, 2017). Read a review here.

Rarity and the Poetic: The Gesture of Small Flowers (Palgrave Macmillon, Pivot Series, 2015).

The Book of Stones and Angels (Tupelo Press, 2015).

Read a review on goodreads.

The Patient, co-edited with Kimberly Myers, Aperçus (Cranbury: Associated University Presses, 2010).

La Espera: Melodias de la duración.  Translated by Augustín Temes (Madrid: Ediciones sequitur, 2010. Translated into Korean (2018).

On Waiting (London: Routledge, Thinking in Action Philosophy Series, June 2008), 152 pp. 

Reviewed in: Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas Volume 8, Number 1, January 2010 pp. 217-221;
Journal of Modern Literature, Volume 33, Number 2, Winter 2010, pp. 163-165;
Time and Society, Volume 18 (2-3), 410, 6pp.

Suffering and the Remedy of Art (Albany: SUNY P, 1997), 215 pp. 

Reviewed in Literature and Medicine Volume 17, Number 2 (1998), pp. 313-16;
College English, Volume 62, Number 2 (1999), pp. 265-73. 

History and Memory: Suffering and Art, edited, Bucknell Review (Cranbury: Associated UP, 1998), 135 pp.

The Bucknell Lectures in Literary Theory, (12 Volumes, co-edited with Michael Payne (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1990-94); by Frank Kermode, J. Hillis Miller, Terry Eagleton, Toril Moi, Christopher Norris, Malcolm Bowie, Barbara Johnson, Denis Donoghue, Alicia Ostriker, Peter Brooks, Jacqueline Rose, Stanley Cavell.

The Poetry of Irving Feldman: Nine Essaysby Charles Altieri, Denis Donoghue, John Hollander, Richard Howard, David Huerta, Alicia Ostriker, M.L. Rosenthal, Harold Schweizer, edited with introduction (Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 1992), 193 pp.