Harold Schweizer

Poet and Explorer

1983:  Ph.D. (Dr. phil.) magna cum laude, University of Zurich

1980:  Licentiatus Philosophiae  (lic.phil.I) English, minors in German and Swedish; University of Zurich 


Academic Appointments

1997-present: Professor of English, Bucknell University 

2006-11: John P. Crozer Professor of English Literature

1993-96: NEH Chair in the Humanities 

1990-97: Associate Professor of English, Bucknell University

1987-90: Assistant Professor of English, Bucknell University

1987-92: Co-director of The Andrew W. Mellon Grant in Literary Theory and Poetry 

1985-87: Lecturer, Department of English, University of Zurich 

1984-85: American Council of Learned Societies Postdoctoral Fellow, SUNY Buffalo

1980-84: Lecturer, Department of English, University of Zurich




The Genealogy of Elevators: A Fable (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018).

Miriam’s Book: A Poem (Fomite Press, 2017).

Rarity and the Poetic: The Gesture of Small Flowers (Palgrave Macmillon, Pivot Series, 2015).

The Book of Stones and Angels (Tupelo Press, 2015). 

The Patient, co-edited with Kimberly Myers, Aperçus (Cranbury: Associated University Presses, 2010).

La Espera: Melodias de la duración.  Translated by Augustín Temes (Madrid: Ediciones sequitur, 2010. Translated into Korean (2018).

On Waiting (London: Routledge, Thinking in Action Philosophy Series, June 2008), 152 pp. 

Reviewed in: Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas Volume 8, Number 1, January 2010 pp. 217-221; Journal of Modern Literature, Volume 33, Number 2, Winter 2010, pp. 163-165; Time and Society, Volume 18 (2-3), 410, 6pp. and several more informal sites on-line. The book is widely referenced and quoted in numerous books and journals.

Suffering and the Remedy of Art (Albany: SUNY P, 1997), 215 pp. 

Reviewed in Literature and Medicine Volume 17, Number 2 (1998), pp. 313-16; College English, Volume 62, Number 2 (1999), pp. 265-73. The book is widely referenced and quoted in numerous books and journals.

History and Memory: Suffering and Art, edited, Bucknell Review (Cranbury: Associated UP, 1998), 135 pp.

The Bucknell Lectures in Literary Theory. (12 Volumes, co-edited with Michael Payne (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1990-94); By Frank Kermode, J. Hillis Miller, Terry Eagleton, Toril Moi, Christopher Norris, Malcolm Bowie, Barbara Johnson, Denis Donoghue, Alicia Ostriker, Peter Brooks, Jacqueline Rose, Stanley Cavell.

The Poetry of Irving Feldman: Nine Essays (by Charles Altieri, Denis Donoghue, John Hollander, Richard Howard, David Huerta, Alicia Ostriker, M.L. Rosenthal, Harold Schweizer), edited with introduction (Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 1992), 193 pp. 


“Parable in Ten Lessons.”  AGNI vol. 85 (Spring 2017) (fiction).

“Shayma Interviewed by a Medical Red Cross Staff Member in Corigliano, Calabro.” The Georgia Review (Winter 2015), with online interview. 

“And If a Day Is Left to Me Before I’m Old.” Missouri Review Online (poem of the week).

“But Do Not Let Them Know You Were Alone When You Died.” The Kenyon Review (Fall 2014), with special feature in KR Conversations.  The poem was also featured in Poetry Daily, October 18, 2014.

“Antoine Le Sauteur, Maître de Cave”; “Nicodemus Reenters His Mother’s Womb.” Narrative Magazine (Spring 2014).

“The Materialist Dreams of Angels.” Poetry International 18/19 (Spring 2013).

“Of the Limited Amount of Touch Apportioned to Each”; “Of the Limited Number of Deaths Apportioned to Each”; Of the Disappearance of Size”; “Little Fugue.” Diode (Fall 2012)

“Of the Limited Amount of Hatred Apportioned to Each”; “Of the Limited Amount of Falling  Apportioned to Each”; “Of the Limited Amount of Silence, Light, and Space.” Featured poet introduced by Katie Ford,  Pleiades (Summer 2012).

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“Alzheimer’s,” “Three Swiss Tales,” “The Water on the Lake,” “Our Faces.” Ploughshares  12:4 (l987).


“Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away.” Sociologia Internationalis (2017), 79-95.

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Papers and Presentations

“The Surrealism of Trauma: Wounds Become Writing.” Surrealisms: Inaugural Conference of the ISSS, Bucknell University (November 1-3, 2018).

“On Not Understanding: Of Silence and Weeping.”  Invited opening lecture to staff and students of the Carlow University MFA in Creative Writing Program (Pittsburgh, January 6, 2015).

Interview with Public Radio New Zealand, on waiting (May 17, 2014).

“The Poetry of Suffering and Waiting.”  Invited Speaker at the Institute for Philosophy and Theology, “The Contemporary Face of Suffering” (Boston University, September 18, 2013). 

“On Keeping Promises.” Invited Speaker at the Phi Beta Kappa Annual Initiation Ceremony (Bucknell University, May 17, 2013). 

“To Suffer to Wait.” Advanced Seminar on Suffering in Literature. (By invitation of the University of Macau, Aug. 23-25, 2012). 

“Are We Not Beautiful?: On Emerson’s Aesthetic.” Conversatzione in Italia.  (Arranged by the Emerson, Thoreau, and Hawthorne and Poe Societies, Florence, June 8-10, 2012). 

“Die lyrischen Gemälde von Eugen Cunz” (Bern, 16 Juli, 2011).

Snap Talk: “On Waiting.” (By invitation of the Committee for the Inauguration of President Bravman, Bucknell University, Nov. 12, 2010). 

“Writing in the Shade: A Meditation on Tone.” Habitus in Habitat: Other Sides of Cognition. (By invitation of Zentrum für Literatur and Kulturforschung Berlin, Nov. 19-21, 2009).

“Poetry at Death’s Door,” The Recent Poetry of Sandra Gilbert. (American Literature Association Boston, May 21-24, 2009; invited). 

“The Patience of the Patient.” International Conference on “The Patient” (Salzburg, Austria, Nov. 3-5, 2008; co-directed with Prof. Kimberly Myers). 

“Aesthetic Instinct.”  Instinct / L’instinct.  An interdisciplinary conference (Department of French Studies, Queen’s University, June 7-9, 2008); invited.    

“Beautiful Flaws: On Alan Shapiro’s “The Accident.” (By invitation of The Flaw / La Faille: An interdisciplinary conference. Department of French Studies, Queen’s University, May 24-27, 2007; and “Making Sense of: Health, Illness, and Disease.” Oxford, July 9-12, 2007).

“The Patient: An International Symposium” organized in collaboration with Geisinger Health System (Bucknell University, Oct. 20-21, 2006).

“On Waiting and Hoping in Raymond Carver’s ‘A Small, Good Thing’.” (Invited Key Note address at “Making Sense of: Health, Illness, and Disease” and “Making Sense of: Dying and Death.” Oxford, July 12, 2006).

“Aesthetic and Ethical Dimensions in Hodler’s Paintings of the Dying Valentine Godé-Darel.” (International Word & Image Conference: The Representation of Illness, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester June 28-30, 2005).

“Alan Shapiro’s “The Accident” or the Meaning of Suffering” by invitation of New York State Southern Tier HIV and Hepatitis C Awareness Network (Binghamton, July 27, 2004).  

“Is art therapy – is therapy art?” (Pennsylvania Medical Consortium, Penn State, Hershey, May 10, 2004).  

“On Waiting” (Faculty Colloquium, Bucknell University, March 23, 2004). 

“Waiting or Henri Bergson’s Piece of Sugar” (by invitation of the Groupe de Recherches Anglo-Américaines de Tours, Université François Rabelais, Tours, Dec. 11, 2003). 

“The Art of Dying:  Ferdinand Hodler’s Cycle of Paintings of Valentine Godé-Darel.” Making Sense of Health, Illness and Disease (Oxford, July 14-17, 2003).

“Suffering and the Question of Meaning.” Making Sense of Health, Illness and Disease (Oxford, June 24-26, 2002).

“Waiting for Beauty: Temporalities of the Aesthetic.” Invited lecture at The Graduate Summer School of Literature and Literary Theory (Blekinge Institute of Technology, June 13, 2002).

“The Particular: On Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry.” Invited lecture at The Graduate Summer School of Literature and Literary Theory (Blekinge Institute of Technology, June11, 2002).

“The Aesthetic is the Conscience of History” (Faculty Colloquium, Bucknell University, Nov. 6, 2001).

Respondend at The Future of Theory: A Symposium (Bucknell University Oct. 26, 2001). 

“Love and Death in American Poetry” (invited lecture at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona, Sweden, May 10, 2001). 

On “The Plane of Uncreatedness: A Phenomenological Study of Anita Brookner’s Late Fiction,” Public Opponent at Dissertation Defence of Inger Björkblom (by invitation of Stockholm University, May 5, 2001).

“Against Suffering: A Meditation” (revised and expanded) (invited lecture at Central Connecticut State University, March 28, 2001). 

“Poetry and Painting and the Conscience of History” (NEMLA Hartford, CT, March 30-31, 2001).  

“Literary Dimensions in Suffering and Pain” (invited presentation for the CIHR Networking Workshop on Pain and Suffering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 25-27 January 2001).  

“With Sabbath Eyes: Reflections on the Particular” (ISSEI Bergen, Aug 14-18, 2000).

“God and the Concept of Aesthetic Closure” (ISSEI Bergen, Aug. 14-18, 2000).

“What can we learn from the Holocaust?” (invited for panel discussion Lebanon Valley College, May 1, 2000). 

“Displacements of Melancholia: A Reading of Dominick LaCapra’s Historiography” (Paris-SubStance-USA Conference, University of Western Ontario, October 22-24, 1999).  

“Against Suffering: A Meditation on Literature” (invited lecture at Stockholm University, Oct. 12, 1999).

“Discours de la souffrance” (invited lectures at Départment de français, Université François Rabelais, Tours, France December 15 and 16, 1998).

“Modernist Melancholy and Postmodern Mourning” (revised and expanded; (invited lecture at University of Uppsala, Sweden November 24, 1998).  

“Antigone’s Haste”: A Study of Suicide” (invited lecture at Stockholm University, Sweden, November 23, 1998).

“Speaking of Suffering: with Reference to a Proverb” (invited lecture at Gothenburg University, Sweden, November 19, 1998). 

“Modernist Melancholy and Postmodern Mourning” (ISSEI Haifa, August 16-21, 1998).  

“Mourning, Melancholia and Music”  (ISSEI Utrecht, August 18-24, 1996).   Revised version by invitation of Faculty Colloquium, Bucknell University, fall 1996. 

Panel chair “History and Memory: Suffering and Art”  (ISSEI Utrecht, August 18-24, 1996).  

“Lacoue-Labarthe’s Antigone  or the Secrecy of Suffering” (The International Association for Philosophy and Literature, George Mason University, May 8-11, 1996).  

“Annie Dillard’s Holy the Firm”  (International Conference on the Sacred and the Profane in Literature and the Visual Arts, Atlanta, October 19-21, 1995).

“Images of Suffering” (Fourth Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI), Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz, Austria, August 22-27, 1994); revised and expanded for inauguration as NEH Chair (Nov. 1994).  

“The Rhetoric of Suffering: On a Title Page of Newsweek” (invited lecture at University of Zurich, May 24, 1994).  

The poetry of Alicia Ostriker and Irving Feldman (invited introductory lecture at The Academy of American Poets, New York, December 2, 1992). 

“Lyric Suffering in Auden and Feldman” (invited lecture at University of Zurich, June 19, 1992).  

“Women and the Law: The Case of Mrs. Brown” (Central Pennsylvania Consortium, Franklin & Marshall College, April 11, 1992).

“On Lacan’s ‘Purloined Letter” (The Lacan Seminar in English, Paris, June l990). 

“Raymond Carver and the Tragedy of Culture” (invited lecture at the Raymond Carver Conference at Port Angeles, WA, May l990).

Interviewed for “To Write and to Keep Kind” (a documentary on Raymond Carver, PBS (Seattle), May 1990).

A revised version of “How Critical Is Theory?” (PCTE Conference, Oct. l989).

“Robinson Jeffers and the Aesthetic of the Painful”  (Western Literature Association, Coeur d’Alène, Oct. l989).

“How Critical Is Theory?” (CEA Convention, New Orleans, l988).

“Stilvielfalt im Werk von Eugen Cunz,” Invited introduction to the exhibition of paintings by Eugen Cunz (Rorschach, Spring l987).

“Ambition and Vocation in Byron’s ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’“ (invited lecture at SUNY Buffalo, l984).



Swiss / German (native ability)

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John P. Crozer Professor of English Literature (2006-2011)

Bucknell University Summer Research Grant 2010

Visiting Fellow at Zentrum für Literatur and Kulturforschung Berlin (Nov.19-26, 2009).

Bucknell University Summer Research Grant 2006

Bucknell University Summer Research Grant 2002

Visting Professor at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona, Sweden (May 7-25, 2001) 

Nominé Distinguished Chair in Research at University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Feb. 2001) 

Cook Award for Travel (Spring 2001)

Sabbatical Leave (Spring 2001, Fall 2008)

The Class of 2000 Award for Teaching (May 2000) 

Bucknell University Summer Curricular Grant 1999

Bucknell University Summer Research Grant 1998 

Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence 1998

Bucknell University Summer Curricular Grant 1996 

Knight-Fellowship, Summer 1995

Sabbatical Leave: January 1994-December 1994

NEH Chair in the Humanities 1993-96

Bucknell University Summer Research Grant l989

Kommission zur Förderung des akademischenNachwuchses  l986-87, Univ. of Zurich

Kommission zur Förderung des akademischenNachwuchses  l985-86, Univ. of  Zurich

American Council of Learned Societies l984-85, SUNY Buffalo and Yale University                                                                                   



External Evaluator for promotion, University of California, Riverside (2015)

External Evaluator for tenure, University of Macau (2014)

External Evaluator for an NEH Grant in the Medical Humanities at Penn State at Hershey (2011)

Judge for literary contest: The Onion, Penn State University at Hershey (2010) 

Judge for literary contest: The Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prizes, Bucknell (2010)

External reviewer for tenure, Department of French, Queens University (2009) 

External evaluator for Research Council of Canada (2007)

External reviewer for tenure, Department of French, University of Toronto (2002) 

Evaluator for John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (2000 and 2001) 

External reviewer for hiring, Department of English, University of Stockholm (1999) 

External evaluator for Research Council of Canada (1999) 

External reviewer for hiring, Department of Comparative Literature, Rice University (1996) 

External reviewer for promotion review, Department of Rhetoric, University of Hartford (1996)

Reader for SUNY Press (1994)

Consultant for the Holman/Harmon Handbook to Literature  (Macmillan 1992)

Reader for Bucknell University Press (cont.)


Courses Taught at Bucknell

FOUN 91 Literature and Philosophy

ENGL 101 Literature and Composition

ENGL 106 Literature and Creative Writing

ENGL 199 Survey in English and American Literature 

ENGL 200 Ways of Reading

ENGL 204 Creative Writing: Poetry

ENGL 210 Special Topics: T.S. Eliot

ENGL 210 Special Topics: Literary Theory

ENGL 210 Special Topics: A History of Poetry

ENGL 270 Romantic Literature (1780-1832)

ENGL 282 Rilke and Eliot

ENGL 300/600 Seminar in Literary Theory

ENGL 391/691 Seminar in American Poetry

ENGL 391/691 Seminar in European Poetry

ENGL 397 Theory of Tragedy

ENGL 397/697 Suffering and Literature

ENGL 398/698 Literary Theory

ENGL 498 Capstone Course: Holocaust and Literature

ENGL 498/698 Capstone Course: Suffering and Literature

FREN 231 La poésie depuis Baudelaire (Bucknell en France)

FREN 261 French Short Stories / Contes français (Bucknell en France)

FREN 262 Culture and Difference (Bucknell en France)

FREN 275 Cours éthnographique (Bucknell en France)

HUMN 98 Myth, Reason, Faith

HUMN 150 Art, Nature, Knowledge

HUMN 250 Modernism, Nihilism, Uncertainty


Service to the University 

Academic Director for Bucknell en France (fall 1993, fall 1998, fall 2003)

Advisor for Honors Theses

Advisor for Masters Theses

Chair of the English Department (2003-2008)

Chair of the English Graduate Program (1987-91; 1999-2003)

Chair of the Faculty Development Committee (2000)

Curriculum Committee (1995-1998)

Co-director of the Andrew W. Mellon Program in Literary Theory (1987-83)

Department of English Executive Committee (1995-1998; 1999-2000; 2011-2014)

Departmental Review and Tenure Committees 

Departmental Search Committees 

Director of Faculty Summer Seminar in the Humanities (2000)

Director of the Humanistic Scholars Program (1997-2003)

Director (interim) of the Comparative Humanities Program (2002-2003)

Faculty Development Committee (1997-2002)

Honors Council (1991-93)

Honors/Masters Theses Defense Committees

January Plan Committee (1992)

Judicial Review Committee (1997-1998; 2002-2003)

Member of the Committee for Review of Evaluation of Teaching (2011-12)

Member of the English department Executive Committee (2010-)

Participant in the Seminar for HU 98 (1996)

Participant in the Summer Seminar for HU 150 (1988)

Personnel Committee (2002)

Search Committee for Vice President for Enrollment Management (2001)

Senior Fellow in the Humanities College (1992-2000, 2009-2012)

Strategic Planning (1996)